Temporarily Stupid

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“A study by Hewlett Packard and the University of London found when we divert our attention to incoming calls and messages, it dings our IQ by 10 percent; that’s twice the effect of smoking marijuana.  While it won’t permanently impair your cognitive functioning, “it will make you stupid temporarily,” say neuropsychologist Friederike Fabritius and leadership expert Hans Hagemann.”

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My New Golf Partner

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The girl’s got some skill!

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A Good Choice

Was blessed to have these fine gentlemen in our home this week for their spring break. Some choose Aspen. Some choose Daytona. I commend those who choose Cadillac and the Zauchas.

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Happy Birthday Warrior Princess


Christy has always joked about wanting to be a warrior princess.  But it is no joke.  She is just that.  I don’t know anybody tougher, anybody more selfless, anybody more committed.  She is the real deal, and I have been blessed to be her husband.  (Picture from near the finish line of the 25K Riverbank Run–just a few years ago 🙂  The image does a good job of capturing our lives together).

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Happy 19th Birthday Annalisa

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Walked 9 Holes Today

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